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 Awhile ago, I had a promotion for the available items left in this store.
So with the remaining limited pieces, I will be selling the items here at final prices :

- Top : RM 16
- Colorful Spaghetti Top(2in1): RM 5
- Dress / Maxi : RM 25
- Cardigan : RM 20
- Jacket : RM 27
- Skirt / Short : RM 20
- Legging / Tights : RM 12
- Bag : RM 25
- Shoe : RM 25
- Hat : RM 10
- Belt : RM 12
- Glove : RM 6
- **The Luxury Collection** :RM 30
- Korean Shoes (ready stock) : RM 40
- Accessories : 50% off each item!

**For item category, please refer to labels at bottom of each post.

To browse each category, please click on label at the right panel of our site.

Kindly email me at cocogoddess@live.com.my to enquire whether the item/s of your interest is available as I have not updated all items' status.
Do e-mail if you are confused/need confirmation for the prices.
After confirmation of availability, please send your complete order form.
If you wish to back out after confirmation, please please inform me.


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