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Billowy Chiffon Dress


Measurements :
Size S
Length : 83cm
Bust : 42cm
Waist : 35.5cm

Size M
Length : 83cm
Bust : 43cm
Waist : 38cm

Details :
A dress that you can wear to any and every occasion.
We love the colors & material for these dresses(perfect for our weather!)
Hidden zipper at back.
Dresses are not stretchable.
Comes with inner lining!
Dresses are made from chiffon material! oh so billowy!
Each dress comes with their matching separate belt!
You can mix and match the belts so purchase different colors to create different looks!

Colors :
Black (SOLD OUT)
White (SOLD OUT)
Greenish Blue (SOLD 4)Last piece size S!
Orangey Red (SOLD OUT)
Purple (SOLD 5)Last piece size S!

~Model is a size UK 6-8, wearing size S of Billowy Chiffon Dress and can fit comfortably into size M~

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